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Your 7-Step Fast-Track Guide to Becoming an Executive

Are you ready to climb the corporate career ladder? What’s holding you back from achieving your career goals and landing that executive role you dream about? If you’ve been working hard to achieve for what seems like forever! If you feel invisible, overwhelmed by fear, or capable but lacking the knowledge and know-how to ready yourself for the role, this book answers your most critical questions: Will I be able to do the job? And successfully? Is advancement worth leaving the position I’m in now, a position that offers comfort and security? Will someone try to sabotage me and succeed? Will office politics kill my chances to advance? Will I be seen as credible? What preparation do I need to be the best boss? Can I handle the responsibility? Career coach and Executive Jori Mundy’s step-by-step playbook details the skills and steps needed to successfully navigate a professional career with the goal of becoming an executive. She dispels the doubts and hammers home the clout you need to get to that coveted corner office. Dedicated to public service in many executive roles, Jori has spent much of her own professional career learning through trial and error, making mistakes and gaining insight from senior-level mentors. And she shares these insider secrets with you. In addition to navigating her own admirable career journey, she interviewed many senior-level execs to gain their wisdom expressed throughout this book. Jori details proven strategies, dos and don’ts, as well as career pivots that would help you prepare to be the most inspired and driven person to pursue a career as an executive—and avoid fatal career catastrophes. Think you can climb the career ladder alone? Why worry? Take this book along with you to the top!

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A compilation of messages to inspire you to maximize your impact in the world.

As you take a deep dive into the messages shared in Unleash Your Undeniable Impact, you will feel enlightened, reenergized and reignited for the impact and legacy you are meant to create in the world. You will be reminded of your own strength and challenged to dream a little bigger, fight a little harder for your dream, bounce back a little quicker when you get knocked down, and never ever give up because someone else is waiting on you to show up. There is nothing ordinary or average about who you are destined to be. You are meant to unleash your unique brilliance and be a beacon of light to others in the world. That is what you will be reminded of in this book.

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