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"Whatever you do, find a way to serve from the soul."


Edge of the seat storytelling




Candid Truthteller , Inspired Growth Welder , Profound Storyteller

#1 Award-winning International Keynote TEDx Speaker, Executive, #1 Best Selling Author, Women’s Career & Success Consultant, Life and Career Coach, Jori Mundy has had her fair share of set-backs, triumphs, losses and gains in her lifetime.  Originally born in Chicago Illinois while raised partly in Southern California, Chicago and Indiana she learned very quickly how to adapt to unfamiliar situations and persevere when least expected during times of trial.  She has spent most of her lifetime as a public servant.  Beginning her career as a caseworker delivering public service programs to needy families, she fell in love with helping others.  With service as her foundation, she eventually ascended into various executive roles to make change.    


Dedicated to serving and inspiring people as an everyday humanitarian throughout her personal and professional career, she stumbled upon her unique ability to speak publicly sharing her areas of challenge, defeat and resilience to inspire others to find their courage, determination and their individual superpower to create their ideal life. She has also spent a great deal of time and effort as a career coach helping a variety of individuals reach their professional goals.  


A woman of truth, transparency, purpose and conviction Jori uses her own shortcomings and successes to inspire others to action while taking the extra step as a coach of holding them accountable for their declared pursuits. 


On stage, she is known for taking her audiences on a journey by captivating them in edge of the seat story-telling eliciting laughter, joy, happiness and even tears.  She is energetic, engaging with her audiences and provides a one-of-a-kind experience. She is a past Public Relations Board member of the Executive Women in Texas Government Organization. She is a 2019 graduate of the prestigious National Leadership America program. She is a four-time first place award winning international speech contest winner.  In 2020 she was featured in The Evolving Woman e-magazine and in 2021 she was named as one of the 20 Top Christian Coaches in the nation.  In 2022 she became a member of the National Urban League and a mentor with a Women’s Network organization that has a focus on developing upcoming women leaders.  Lastly, she was most recently listed as one of the 2023 In Business Magazine 40 under 40 class recipients. 

Jori has gone where her passion has led her including speaking to women in federal prisons, coordinating and facilitating an eight-week public speaking program developing young public speakers for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and uplifting others during the global pandemic.  She has spoken on a variety of platforms, for varying organizations to both large and small audiences including delivering at TEDx talk in Washington D.C..  In 2022, she was selected as the Commencement Speaker to deliver the keynote address at her alma mater Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis reaching over 30,000 students and has spoken alongside other notable industry experts such as Motivational Speaker Les Brown.  


Today, Jori is an executive at a human services organization serving the public.  She continues to serve others in this role while inspiring and serving others from her teachings and coaching.

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