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"Whatever you do, find a way to serve from the soul."


Edge of the seat storytelling




Candid Truthteller , Inspired Growth Welder , Profound Storyteller

In the tapestry of life, Jori Mundy's story weaves through the vibrant threads of adversity, triumph, and unwavering determination. Born in the bustling city of Chicago, Illinois, and raised amidst the diverse landscapes of Southern California, Chicago, and Indiana, Jori's journey was marked by early lessons in adaptability and resilience. These experiences laid the groundwork for a life dedicated to service, a theme that would define her personal and professional existence.

Embarking on her career path with a heart full of empathy, Jori began as a caseworker, a role that ignited her passion for helping those in need. It was in the trenches of public service, amongst the stories of struggle and hope, that she found her calling. Yet, Jori's aspirations reached beyond the confines of casework. Driven by a desire to enact broader change, she climbed the ranks to executive positions, each step forward powered by her foundational commitment to serve.


However, Jori's story is not just one of career advancement. It's a narrative enriched by her innate ability to connect with others through the power of speech. Discovering her talent for public speaking, she turned her life's challenges and victories into captivating tales of courage and resilience. Jori's speeches are more than just words; they are an experience, inviting laughter, tears, and above all, inspiration.


Her journey of self-discovery and empowerment didn't stop with speaking engagements. As a coach, Jori extended her hand to guide others towards their professional zeniths, always emphasizing accountability and action. Her unique blend of truth, transparency, and tenacity has not only elevated her as a speaker and coach but has also earned her numerous accolades. From being a decorated keynote speaker at TEDx to a best-selling author and a revered figure in women's career and success consulting, Jori's accolades are a testament to her impact.


But Jori's influence extends beyond the stage and individual coaching sessions. Her dedication to nurturing future leaders saw her mentoring young girls in public speaking through the Girl Scouts of Central Texas and uplifting spirits during challenging times, like the global pandemic. Her voice has resonated in spaces as varied as federal prisons and prestigious universities, touching lives and sparking change.


Today, Jori stands as an executive continuing to serve, yet her mission remains unchanged: to serve, inspire, and lead. Her life's work is a beacon for those seeking to forge their path, demonstrating that with courage, conviction, and a willingness to serve, one can indeed create an extraordinary life. Jori Mundy's story is not just inspiring—it's a call to action for anyone daring to dream of a life filled with purpose, impact, and fulfillment.

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