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Meet Jori Mundy


Candid Truthteller

Jori prides herself on being her most authentic self and shares candid truths with others.

Inspired Growth Welder

The number one goal that has lead her to this calling is to inspire growth in others. Allowing others to find their own individual power and take action to transform their lives and she challenges her audiences and people she coaches to do this.


Jori's been featured in:

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Profound Storyteller

Characterized as a gifted storyteller, Jori is well known for taking her audiences on a rollercoaster ride often leaving them at the edge of their seats wanting more.

Speaking Topics

Women Empowerment: Who runs the world!

Jori brings her fireball of energy to the stage empowering women to reach their full potential in the workplace, at home and in the world to break barriers and shatter glass ceilings.

Success is your only option: You are destined for greatness

Jori shares her success mindset framework as a former retail associate who became an In Business 40 Under 40 recipient and six-figure executive in the modern workplace and the steps to ensure her clients can succeed at their dreams and goals.

From Doubt to Clout: How to go from a highly effective professional to executive using these 7 Steps

Derived from her newly published book: “From Doubt to Clout: Your 7-Step Fast-Track Guide to Becoming an Executive;” Jori shares the 7-step framework of what skills and knowledge aspiring leaders will need to climb the corporate ladder as a professional to land top-level executive positions.

Turning tragedies in to triumph: How to use your pain to produce miraclesJori has had her share of setbacks and has learned to use the tragic events in her life to continue to win. She shares the framework of how to turn your pain into power to experience miracles and success in your life.

Crack the confidence code: Learn the key tools that will make you feel UNSTOPPABLE in your life

Understanding that confidence can drive or derail success and that this can be a secret killer of where many dreams can subside. Jori breaks down the effective tools that can be used to build confidence as a professional and powerhouse individual in life.

Other Topics Tailored to Audience

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